R Panel Metal Roof

R Panel Metal Roof

R Panel Supplier Atlanta – R-Panel metal roofing is an incredibly popular choice for commercial roofing and wall panel with 1.25″ high ribs at 12″ apart.  It offers superior protection from the elements, better insulation than many other traditional roofs, easy installation and long term durability. Learn about all the benefits of R-Panel metal roofing and what option fits your needs best.

R-Panel/PBR-Panel installs quickly and cost efficiently on slopes as low as 1:12 making it our most popular panel chosen for commercial and agricultural use.

Design & Size Of R Panel Metal Roof

R-Panel metal roofs are offered in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs that can fit any building and style. Generally, these roofs have an overlapping panel design, with an inner wall of solid metal sandwiched between two sheets of steel. This helps give the roofing system extreme stability and strength when installed correctly. They also come in many different sizes and colors to match your building’s aesthetic.. 

R-Panel/PBR-Panel’s design features four 1.25″ high ribs, spaced 12″ on center. PBR-Panel has a purlin bearing rib that makes stitch screws easier to install on roofs. Thickness options include 26 and 24 gauge standard and 22 gauge options.

R Panel Metal Roof


  • Panel Width 36" Width (Coverage) Cut to Inch From 3' – 45'
  • Ribs 3/4″ Ribs spaced 9″ on center
  • Gauge 26 Gauge - 0.85 lb / Sq Ft
    24 Gauge - 1.08 Lb / Sq Ft

R Panel Metal Roof Warranty

lPainted systems carry a 40 year paint warranty and 30 year fade/chalk warranty. Unpainted systems carry a 25 year warranty

Each R-Panel metal roof manufacturer will have different warranty terms and conditions, so it’s important to do your research. A good warranty should offer some type of repair or replacement for parts that are defective or damaged due to manufacturing or installation issues. It should also cover incidents such as high winds and hail, which can cause dents and holes in the metal panels. Be sure to read through all the details of the warranty prior to purchasing your new roofing system.

  • Finish & WarrantyPainted: 40 Years
    Galvalume: 25 Years

Purpose & Use R Panel Metal Roof

R-Panel/PBR-Panel is a metal roof and wall system. Constructed with high strength steel and trapezoidal ribs.

Whether you choose R-Panel/PBR-Panel for its ability to handle slopes as low as 1:12 or open framing spans as far as 5′-7′ apart, R-Panel/PBR-Panel lives up to the demands you place on it

R-Panel/PBR-Panel is most chosen for commercial and industrial roofs and walls, though it blends in well in most architectural designs.

  • Minimum Slope1:12
  • SubstrateSolid Deck Open Frame
  • IntentCommercial

Arctic White
Light Stone
Sahara Tan
Light Brown
Cocoa Brown
Pearl Gray
Charcoal Gray
Burnished Slate
Marine Green
Patriot Red
Barn Red
Royal Blue
Gallery Blue
Galvalume (Non-Painted)

R-Panel metal roofs come in a variety of colors and finishes to add beauty as well as protection to your  commercial. From traditional shades like tan, brown, and gray to bolder options such as yellow, red, green, and blue, you’re sure to find the right match for your aesthetic.

Painted R-Panel® finishes are Energy Star rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays. Available colors vary by branch and gauge. Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions. Actual samples available on request.

Energy Star®

Painted R-Panel/PBR-Panel finishes are Energy Star® rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.

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