About Us

BRS roofing Supply is a local and family owned Company with over 15 years of experience in the Construction Industry. Our main focus is to offer high quality products and excellent service with affordable Roofing, Siding supplies and Tools for all Contractors and Homeowners.

We carry the best brands and the best prices. We have everything you need, including various types of nails, fasteners, tools and dumpster trailers for rent with delivery for each project.

Our staff team work as a dynamic and cohesive unit to ensure the best development of your project.

We know every day brings new challenges & requires renewed effort, that’s why what really makes BRS roofing Supply different is the fact that we are always improving our skills and ensure that as a company we strive for excellence.

Whether your order is large or small we value each and every order. As a business we pride ourself on our attention to detail and an exceptional customer service; we understand the importance of getting the right product for the right job.



→ To be the preferred and the best Georgia supplier of Roofing and Siding Projects.

→BRS roofing Supply is the best deal for your projects

→ Savings you wants, Quality you can trust!

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Feel free to write us and our team will be in touch with you promptly.