Welcome To A New Experience Of Development And Growth Of Your Company, Welcome To “FENIX CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY”.

Our academy was born from a great project designed by our founder, Betty Palomino, who developed a method of personal and business transformation, understanding that human talent must equip itself with knowledge and strategies that allow it to increase its productivity and automatically transfer to its performance in the company.

“FENIX CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY” is created to provide support to companies that are growing and wish to increase their sales by carrying out constant training so that they are updated with the new Commercial and Residential Roofing , Metal Siding, Synthetic Turf and more
Every month we will have the visit of the experts from the different brands to provide us with first-hand information, updates and all the news on the market, which will allow you to offer your clients a first-class service.

The Trainings Are Totally Free To Attend You Must Register In The Links Of Our Social Media.

We wish to provide the best experience for you and your sales team, we are your strategic ally, we are BRS Roofing Supply. Thanks for choosing us!!