Firestone TPO roofing systems

Firestone TPO roofing systems

Looking for an energy efficient, durable roofing system for your building? If so, Firestone TPO Roofing Systems are the perfect choice. BRS Roofing Supply Atlanta is here to help you bring your building into the future with these highly reliable and durable products.

Design & Size Of Firestone TPO roofing systems

Firestone TPO Roofing Systems are designed to provide flexibility and enable custom designs that can easily accommodate the size, shape, and specific needs of your building. The systems can be tailored to fit the most complicated roof shapes, eliminating pitch transitions and providing long-term water-tight protection. This means less maintenance worries, fewer repair issues later on, and more peace of mind for your building owners.

  • Size: 60 mil 10 x 100 45 mil 10 x 100 45 mil 5 x 100
  • Gauge & Weight: 45 y 60 mil

Firestone TPO roofing systems Warranty

Firestone TPO Roofing Systems are ideal for a variety of building types, from commercial to industrial. Their excellent weatherability allows them to withstand extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and ozone. In addition to their energy-efficiency, the roofs have superior lifespan protection from punctures, tears, and other stresses. This makes them perfect for both new construction projects and reroofing projects.

  • Substrate Solid Deck Open Frame
  • IntentCommercial, Industrial
  • BackingFleeceback or Smooth

Purpose & Use Firestone TPO roofing systems

Firestone TPO Roofing Systems are backed by a comprehensive warranty. Covered defects include membranes that develop splits, cuts, punctures, tears, wrinkles and seams that open due to manufacturing defects. The warranty also protects against material that exhibits greater than normal weathering or fading during its expected service life. For utmost peace of mind ,the warranty which covers your roof for up to 30 years for roofs installed by a certified contractor.  

  •  Warranty: Up to 30 years

TPO roofs usually come in white, gray, and tan. They do have other colors. However, white, gray, and tan are the most used colors

Energy Star®

Painted R-Panel/PBR-Panel finishes are Energy Star® rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.