Learn everything you need to know about cutting roof shingles ✂️

Learn everything you need to know about cutting roof shingles ✂️


Did you know how to cut your roof shingles? This is one of the truths that many people don’t know about roofing. That even if you get a material that doesn’t fit your size needs, you can still adapt it. This will be much easier than wandering through every store in town looking for the exact size you need in a shingle.

The need to cut roof tiles responds to the fact that on multiple occasions we must replace them. This is because this material can be damaged in different ways. Once this happens, we can find the following situations.

  • The shingle loses its function to divert heat to the outside. Now your attic and the rest of the house will retain heat more easily.
  • Cracks form that allow water to seep in. Because of this, we find ourselves in a situation where cracks form and allow moisture to form.
  • The color and appearance of the shingle itself deteriorates. This is important since your house will be less attractive in case you want to sell or rent it.

For this reason and more, it is important to replace the shingles. However, as we have already mentioned previously, it is not always possible to find the exact measurements. We are not always going to find the exact measurements of roofing shingles for this job. That is why cutting them takes relevance.

Find out how you can take advantage of the cut of the shingles

You may find the best brand on the market in the production of roofing materials. However, sizes are not negotiable. Each roof requires an exact size of shingles so that they can be installed.

For this you must know how to cut roofing shingles. This is a procedure that is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to follow the following steps strictly so that you can get the size you want.

1. Be cautious

We don’t always have to do a total replacement of all the shingles on the roof, that’s why it pays to buy extra units. That way you will be ready to make the repair at any point on the roof.

2. Measurements

On this occasion you should use a tape measure that will allow you to know how much the area that needs to be repaired measures. It is important to define the measurement of each grid that makes up the roof.

3. Cleaning

It is obvious that you should look for a clean and flat area where you can cut the tiles comfortably. In this way, you can avoid accidents with the knife or the tool to be used. In addition, the shingle does not get dirty with substances that can deteriorate its usefulness.

4. Establish guides

It is not recommended to make the cuts in the tile without having previously placed a guide with a pencil. You should use a ruler to make the corresponding lines. In this way, you can be sure that you are making the cuts with the necessary precision.

5. Time to cut

You must make sure you use a blade that is well sharpened, this way you will be able to make a clean cut. Otherwise, you may end up tearing some of the material on the blade. It is also a good idea to use the ruler as a guide to make the cut more precise.

6. Clean up the waste

Once you have made the cut, you should carefully remove the shingle waste. In addition, you should clean the cut surface to prevent fragments of the material from sticking to it.

Working with the best in cutting roofing shingles

One of the details that you must take into account when you are going to make a shingle cut is that these should not be too tight in the space to be repaired.  That is, they should be at least 0.12 inches smaller than what the grid would normally measure. This is a trick used by contractors who specialize in this type of work.

Of course, knowing how to cut roof shingles goes beyond just knowing these types of tricks. It pays to use proper tools since you’re not usually going to cut two or three shingles. This can be an extremely strenuous job that you can save yourself by working with professionals.

It is already a fact that when acquiring tiles you need to work with professionals who are experts in the area. That is to say, you must have a team at your disposal that knows exactly what to do. Believe it or not, this is easy to obtain. You just have to choose the most reputable company in the sale of roofing materials.

Want to know all the details about cutting shingles? Not only will you learn everything you need, but we will also help you with the job. It’s time to stop spending on materials that don’t do the job.

BSR roofing Supply ready for shingle cutting

It goes without saying that the procedure of cutting shingles, as easy as it may seem, requires a professional’s hand. After all, this is part of a whole chain of processes that end in repairing an area of your roof. You can’t think that someone who doesn’t have experience in this type of work will be able to do it in the best way.

Fortunately at BSR roofing Supply we don’t just focus on selling the best building materials. This is just a part of what this company represents with more than 15 years of experience in the roofing industry. Here you can also contact the best contractors specialized in roofing installation and replacement.

This means that in addition to knowing how to cut roof shingles, you can now leave this work in the best hands. With the help of BSR roofing Supply you will be able to secure the future of your property by using the best shingles with the exact measurements you need. You can even request an inspection through our website for all the necessary measurements.

Think we offer a lot for what you need? The important thing is that you always have solutions for any of your roofing problems. Contact BSR roofing Supply and forget about accidents and bad roofing purchases.

Learn how to cut roofing shingles with BSR roofing Supply!

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