Learn about the different types of compressors you can buy ?

Learn about the different types of compressors you can buy ?


There are different types of compressors depending on the work you want to do. It is a reality that technological advances have allowed the development of specialized machines in all areas. Especially construction is an activity that requires devices that can help you do a much faster and more efficient job. 

Every part of a house must be well thought out to withstand the effects of the passing years. The foundations, walls, floor, columns and roof. To achieve this, machinery is used that can perform tasks much faster. This does not mean that you will not need a professional hand to operate such devices during the construction process. 

In addition, during the repair or improvement of a house it is also necessary to have the same devices. We can say that we are talking about indispensable machines that must be present whenever we want to perform any work on our property. When talking about the roof, it becomes very important the brands and types of tools you are using. 

It is known that compressors play a very important role in a construction or repair process. When it comes to roofing, you should use tools such as high pressure nailers and staplers. These types of products work through compressed air at high pressures, which allows a nail to go through a sturdy surface. 

Of course, any industrial nailer will not work without a proper compressor that generates that pressurized air. For that reason you should be aware of the type of compressor you have chosen for this task. 

The best types of compressors on the market

What can we find among the different types of compressors? There are many models with their own utilities. It is convenient to know how to use each one for when you go to visit a store. This way you will know exactly what you need to carry out a construction job.

Reciprocating air compressor

These are devices that take air in a closed space to decrease its volume and raise its pressure. It is one of the most economical devices both in purchase and maintenance. However, its uses are confined to dust and particle cleaning or painting. 

Piston compressor

This is an advanced version of the classic bicycle inflator in which a piston moves to reduce the space where the air is located. This time, the compressor can work unilaterally or bilaterally. In addition, it can be used to compress other types of gases. 

Screw compressor

In this machine there are two screws which rotate making the air concentrated in one place. They are usually machines with internal cooling through water or oil, so they do not get very hot. In addition, they are high-performance devices since they can compress large amounts of air through their helical screw system. However, they also stand out because they are quieter machines. 

Scroll compressor

The arrangement of the internal elements of this compressor allows the air to rotate around a spiral piece. This is the one that concentrates the air and allows it to come out strongly but with little noise. 

Vane compressor

This type of compressor also makes use of rotating elements inside. It is a rotor wheel with a series of blades that rotate and trap air which is then expelled with high pressure. This is one of the simplest designs you can find on the market. 

Centrifugal compressor

This type of compressor is somewhat different in its system, highlighting the use of a rotating impeller. It has an inlet through which air is sucked, the energy of the air is increased by the rotating element. In this way, the air pressure is increased, although with the particularity that a greater amount of air can be processed. 

Axial compressor

This compressor works with rotating and stationary blades that are continuously compressing the incoming air. To the extent that these elements decrease the speed at which it is spinning, increases the pressure that the air will have. It is also a device that works with larger quantities. 

Use the best type of compressor for your tools

It is necessary to know that among the different types of compressor, there are many brands that stand out above the rest. That is to say, when making a purchase of this style you should pay special attention to who the manufacturer is. This is what really generates confidence. 

Also, if you have nailers of a specific brand, it is best that the compressor is from the same company. Firms such as Bostich, Makita and Hitachi have been in charge of creating all the elements so that you can carry out your roofing jobs. If you also work with suppliers that only use original products, it will be much more beneficial for you. 

Looking for the best tools for roofing construction and repair? You’ve come to the right place. With the help of the experts in quality compressors for your jobs you will be able to secure the structure of a roof. If you still don’t know who should be your official supplier, we have the best solution for you. 

Look for a different compressor at BSR roofing Supply

If you look through the different types of compressors offered by BRS Roofing Supply  you will notice that this is where the best options are. We not only work with the most recognized brands in the manufacture of tools such as Bostich and Makita. You’ll also find great prices you won’t see anywhere else.

We like to be the preferred choice of contractors and homeowners and that’s why we only offer the best products. If you want more information, just visit our website for pricing and availability.

Secure the future of your roof with the help of the best tools powered by the best rated compressors on the market. High performance nailer compressors are waiting for you at BRS Roofing Supply .

Different types of compressors at BSR roofing Supply!

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