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Metal Roofing

Rib Panel

Available in both 26 and 29 Gauges,  Rib Metal Roofing Panels are a Durable, Versatile option for any Industry.

Panel Width: 36″
Ribs: 3/4″ Ribs spaced 9″ on center
Gauge: 26
Rib Panel Roofing Metal

5-V Crimp

Durable 5-V Crimp offers both a look of nostalgia and modern aesthetic appeal. This panel is often found on historical sites and buildings.
Panel Width: 24″
Ribs: Five, 1/2″ V-Ribs spaced 12″ on center
Gauge: 26 or 29
5-V Crimp Roofing Metal

1″ or 1.5″ SnapLock Standing Seam

Designed to accent or cover high profile homes and buildings, SnapLock Standing Seam uses a concealed fastener system for a sleek, finished look. Clip and nailstrip systems are available for installation.
Panel Width: 16″
Ribs: n/a
Gauge: 24 or 26
SnapLock Standing Seam Roofing Metal

1.75″ CommercialLock Standing Seam

Panel Width: 16″
Ribs: n/a
Gauge: 22, 24 or 26
CommercialLock Standing Seam Metal Roofing

1″ MechanicalLock Standing Seam

Panel Width: 16″
Ribs: n/a

Gauge: 24 or 26

MechanicalLock Standing Seam Roofing Metal

Copper Panels

We also have Copper roofing panels available. Please contact us for more info…
Copper Panels Roofing Metal

Available Colors

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