IKO Cambridge Shingles

IKO Cambridge Shingles

IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles are the perfect roofing solution for protecting against heat, cold, rain, wind, and other weather conditions. With long-lasting durability and an extensive selection of styles and colors to choose from, IKO Cambridge Shingles offer a great way to ensure your roof is protected for years to come. Visit BRS Roofing Supply today and get the shingles you need!

Design & Size Of IKO Cambridge Shingles

IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles have a coverage area of 33.3 square feet per bundle and weigh approximately 33 pounds, with 3 shingles per bundle making up 9 linear feet. The UL rating is Class 4, ensuring the highest levels in impact resistance. Fire resistance is provided by their Class A combustible rating and a Class B fire resistance rating with the addition of optional fire resistant underlayment.

When it comes to finding a quality roof, IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles is top of the list. From their UL rating, dimensions, and resiliency, these shingles are built for lasting protection and beauty – so you can feel secure in the roof over your head.

  • Size 1038 mm x 349 mm (40 7/8" x 13 3/4")
  • Gauge & Weight 33 pounds, with 3 shingles

IKO Cambridge Shingles Warranty

IKO Cambridge Shingles come with a 10, 20, or 30-year limited warranty. This warranty is transferable to the next homeowner in case the property is sold, and includes protection against cracking, splitting or blistering features resulting from manufacturing defects. This warranty also covers algae and mold discoloration caused by certain species of blue-green algae.

  • WarrantyLimited 30 Year Warranty

Purpose & Use IKO Cambridge Shingles

IKO Cambridge Shingles are designed to protect and enhance the look of your roof, while also providing superior coverage against the elements. The shingles provide exceptional performance and added durability in extreme temperatures and challenging weather conditions. Their unique design provides excellent protection against wind-driven rain, water infiltration, and snow and ice buildup. They’re also lightweight for easy installation throughout any Atlanta roofing project.

When it comes to re-roofing your home, choosing the perfect color can be overwhelming. With IKO’s 2023 Cambridge Shingles Color Palette, you can browse through 10 colors and find the one that best suits your house. Discover the variety of color options available to make your roof look beautiful, from gentle earth tones to bright and bold shades.

Energy Star®

Painted R-Panel/PBR-Panel finishes are Energy Star® rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.