Certainteed Landmarkr Pro Shingles

Certainteed Landmarkr Pro Shingles

Certainteed Landmark Pro architectural shingles are engineered to provide maximum performance and protection, while enhancing the beauty of your home. These shingles feature two layers of tear-resistant fiberglass mat designed to hold up under extreme weather conditions and have a Class A fire rating, which is the highest rating available. Choose from the wide range of colors and finishes offered by Certainteed Landmark Pro shingles for a look that’s sure to stand out!

Design & Size Of Certainteed Landmarkr Pro Shingles

CertainTeet’s Landmark Pro shingles are the perfect roofing choice for those looking to benefit from their solar-reflective technology. The unique color palette and superior manufacturing and warranty standards make this product stand out. And not only that, but it meets the CRC’s standards for California’s Title 24 cool roof requirements and is even available in metric measurements of 13 1/4″ x 38 3/4″. Furthermore, the NailTrak® feature provides an extra wide nailing area, making installation a breeze.

  • Size 13 1/4" x 38 3/4"
  • Gauge & Weight Weight/Square (approx.): 270 lbs.

Certainteed Landmarkr Pro Shingles Warranty

The Certainteed Landmark Pro Shingles come with a lifetime limited warranty that covers workmanship, material defects and even algae resistance. This means your shingles will be free of manufacturing defects and their expected performance level should they be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The addition of an extended warranty will give you extra protection if needed.

  • WarrantyLimited 50 Year Warranty

Purpose & Use Certainteed Landmarkr Pro Shingles

Certainteed Landmark Pro Shingles are designed to be used for residential roofs with a steep slope – or four in twelve or greater. They feature a Class A fire rating and are rated for 130 mph winds – which make them an ideal choice for protection against Mother Nature’s elements. The covered warranty on these shingles helps ensure your new roof will last and look great with quality installation.

  • Minimum SlopeN/A
  • SubstrateSolid Deck Open Frame
  • IntentResidential

When you get your Certainteed Landmark Pro Shingles from BRS Roofing Supply in Atlanta, you can choose from a wide variety of colors to ensure the perfect look for your home. Choose from a range of earthy tones, deep browns and classic grays to match any architectural design. If you want to add an unexpected touch of color and style to your home, these shingles are also available in special-order hues like blue, olive and autumn blend.

Energy Star®

Painted R-Panel/PBR-Panel finishes are Energy Star® rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.