What Type of Panels Can We Find In A Metal Roof?

What Type of Panels Can We Find In A Metal Roof?

February 16, 2023


Choosing the right sort of metal is necessary whether you want a full metal roof system or just a metal roof over your screened-in porch. You must select the metal that best suits your needs, desired look, and financial constraints. While there are many options available, we tend to see these 3 metals in most residential roofing:

Steel metal roofing:

Steel is the metal that is most frequently used for residential roofing (both as accents and as whole roof systems). The gauge of steel used in standing seam metal roof panels is 24 or 26.

The gauge of steel panels varies depending on how thick they are; the greater the number, the thinner it is. The likelihood of oil canning is higher for 26-gauge steel metal roof panels since they are thinner.


Copper metal roofing:

Another common option for residential metal roofing is copper. Copper is measured in ounces rather than gauges like steel (16, 20, 30, 60, 90).

16-ounce copper is most frequently used in residential roofing. The total cost of using copper for a standing seam metal roof system may potentially reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because of this, copper is used more as an accent material for cedar shake, slate, and premium shingles. It can be used for covered porches, bay windows, chimney tops, roof flashing, etc.

Stainless steel metal roofing:

Although being less popular, another alternative for residential metal roofing is stainless steel. Stainless steel also comes in different gauges, just like steel. Depending on the climate in your area, it will have the same appearance as galvanised metal but won’t rust. Due to this, the metal roof panels won’t have the Kynar 500 paint finish or any other kind of painted finish.

Like copper, stainless steel is a lifetime roofing material. However, the harder nature of stainless-steel sets it apart from 24 gauge and copper. The metal roof panels are less prone to sustain damage from hailstorms or other dents. Although a complete stainless steel metal roof system is available, it will cost significantly more than a copper roof.

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