Metal shingles vs. asphalt shingles, a battle of opinions?

Metal shingles vs. asphalt shingles, a battle of opinions?


One of the most common clashes is asphalt shingles vs metal shingles when it comes to roofing. After all, these are the most important materials for roofing installation and repair. Each has its own characteristics that make them stand out from the other. However, today we want you to know the best option of all.

A comparison always arises when there are two sides seeking the same purpose. Shingles must fulfill the objective of protecting a house and not only from rain. They must also be able to ensure efficient electricity consumption, which is often ignored. In addition, there are many factors related to installation and transportation.

We should really state at the outset that the important thing is not which is the best choice in terms of shingles. Both have their own characteristics that make them different and ideal for a specific case. It will be up to you to find a material that is to your liking based on the benefits they can offer.

Want to learn more about metal and asphalt shingles? Today you will learn all the details you need to make a decision regarding the type of shingles you need. This way, you can learn which material will work best for building your property’s roof.

Choosing between asphalt shingles and metal shingles

Choosing a building material is often difficult because we don’t have all the information we need. That is, we don’t really know what the comparison point is to differentiate one option from another. However, today we will discuss the characteristics of each type of roof..,

The dilemma between asphalt shingles and metal shingles is associated with a series of data provided by the manufacturers. In addition, the experience of contractors also carries a lot of weight when making a decision regarding the issue.

1. Transportation

One of the reasons why a person may end up choosing one or another type of roof is because of the ease of moving the material from one place to another. Metal shingles are notable for being much lighter, so they are easy to transport. This includes getting them from the store to the construction site and then onto the roof itself.

Asphalt shingles are heavier, so the effort is much greater. Of course, this has a direct impact on the work of the professionals.

2. Economy

It is obvious that the economic factor is extremely important since it is a matter of properly managing our budget. Metal shingles require more money in terms of quantity. That is, you will need more metal shingles to cover an area for which you would use fewer asphalt shingles.

This means that in theory it is cheaper to install an asphalt roof, although this will depend on where you buy the shingles.

3. Resistance

Certainly the expiration date of one or another type of shingle is usually very relative. In the case of metal shingles, this can vary between 30 and 50 years depending on the caliber of the material. 

Asphalt shingles usually reach only 30 years, although they may last a little longer. In addition, if one is damaged, you can replace it without having to change the entire roof structure. In this sense, metal tiles do have a significant advantage in terms of service life.

4. Energy savings

This is one of the factors that people are most concerned about. Metal shingles stand out because they tend to allow heat or cold to enter the house more easily. In the opposite case, asphalt shingles are designed with a series of granules that work to deflect the sun’s rays.

In either case, however, it is important to opt for energy-saving technologies. That is, attic ventilation or insulation to conserve the interior temperature generated by heating and air conditioning.

Choose your favorite material between asphalt and metal

One of the most important factors for many homeowners is the appearance of the property. Asphalt shingles result in a very modern look worthy of today’s homes. Metal shingles can achieve that look with a good paint job to give the house more personality.

The truth is that the comparison of metal shingles vs. asphalt shingles depends a lot on your tastes. We are not only referring to the characteristics previously described, it is also important to talk about the brands. That is, each material has behind it different companies with high recognition in the construction market.

That said, there are companies such as GAF and Certainteed that are experts in the development of asphalt shingles. Meanwhile, Matterhorn is a specialist in the manufacture of the best metal shingles. Depending on the confidence generated by one or the other, you can make a decision.

It is also important that you choose a store that always has the best roofing products available. In this case we have for you an excellent option that operates throughout the state of Georgia. You will be able to get the best prices when it comes to installing or repairing a roof.

With BSR roofing Supply it doesn’t matter the type of shingle

It goes without saying that the argument between metal shingles vs. asphalt shingles is one of the most talked about among contractors and homeowners. However, it becomes less important when you work with a supplier that offers only the best materials on the market. This includes being an official distributor of the brands that generate trust.

These are precisely the characteristics that surround BSR roofing Supply. This is one of the most reputable companies selling materials that will allow you to build roofs of unparalleled strength and performance. No matter where you are in Georgia, you can easily plan your deliveries with the help of this great company.

The best prices are in one place and you will also have the best professionals in the installation. If you haven’t found a roofing contractor yet, this is your chance. Visit our website and learn more about this service.

Metal and asphalt shingles with BSR roofing Supply!

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