Learn how to use an extension ladder safely on a roof job ?

Learn how to use an extension ladder safely on a roof job ?


It is true that knowing how to use an extension ladder is a very important detail when it comes to our roof. First of all we must have one of these in our home, then we will already think about what we should do with it. It is an essential tool to be able to do all the work related to the installation and repair of this area of our property.

Many people have insecurity when they find that they have to go up to the roof to make a check. Although this work is normally done by a professional, it is necessary to have your own knowledge about this. This is how you will be able to solve several problems regarding the maintenance of your roof.

It should also be considered as a contractor to have knowledge about the use of the extension ladder. This is an extremely important working tool that will allow you to any part of the roof. After all, we must not only know the steps to follow in order to use such an instrument. We must also consider that such activities are carried out safely, minimizing accidents.

Extension ladders will always be present when it comes to performing work on the roof. In addition, it is normal that every 3 to 6 months we have to perform inspections, so we will be exposed to some danger. However, today we want you to learn what you should do to use an extension ladder safely.

Tips for using an extension ladder on roofing jobs

How to use an extension ladder? Let’s start with the basics. It is a work tool characterized by a high risk for inexperienced people. In fact, accidents caused by this product are among the most frequent throughout the United States. That is why we want you to know some steps to take before using an extension ladder.

1. The parts of your extension ladder

First of all, it is important to know that these tools have parts that allow you to do a better job. Before you start using your ladder, you should familiarize yourself with these parts in order to avoid major problems:

  • Each has a safety foot that has some rotation and anti-slip features.
  • There is a stationary section which is also the base of the ladder, that is, the part that will be in contact with the ground.
  • There is another section which is the extendable part, which can reach a considerable height.
  • Locate the locks or supports that prevent the extendable section from falling towards the base. These are what will protect you from any accidents.

2. Know the weight of the ladder

Every extension ladder is different and usually it should come with information such as the maximum weight it can support. This measurement is between 260 and 330 pounds, although some models only support 200 pounds. Never exceed the weight of your ladder or you may have an accident.

3. Place the ladder in a fixed location

Once you have determined the above information, it is time to use your extension ladder. It is recommended that you take into consideration the total height of the ladder. This is because the recommendation of professionals is to place the ladder at a distance equivalent to 1⁄4 of the height it reaches from the wall. This way the angle it takes will allow you to avoid further complications.

4. Extend the sliding section and secure it

Once you have placed the ladder a considerable distance from the wall, you can extend it. You should always try to extend the ladder a little above the roof so that you can climb up comfortably. Also, be sure to use the locks so that the ladder maintains the height you want it to be.

5. Never work alone

Although it may seem like you can use an extension ladder without help, this is not the case. You should always have someone else hold the ladder from below to prevent it from falling with you. This should be done whenever you climb up or down from your roof.

6. Support yourself with your hands and feet

You must be very careful when using the extension ladder. It is recommended that you wear footwear that prevents any slipping, as well as being comfortable. In addition, you should use your hands to support yourself to avoid accidental falls. Remember to climb rung by rung.

Avoid accidents when using extension ladders

Knowing how to use an extension ladder implies knowing the risks involved, needless to say that the main problem lies in a possible fall whenever you find yourself climbing up or down from your roof. However, do you know why this happens?

  • Many times the ladder does not form a sufficiently steep angle so the ladder falls the wrong way.
  • Some people slip and may fall off the ladder.
  • Failure to secure the locks can cause the ladder to slide with you on it.

The injuries that can occur in such accidents are reduced to trauma, however, it is not to be taken lightly. Many people have lost the ability to continue working because they did not know the basic rules for using extension ladders. That is why you should take the necessary precautions to avoid problems.

The extendable ladders are still very useful tools. You can store them anywhere and they allow you to access your roof no matter how high it is. They are an excellent tool to add to your arsenal when fixing or inspecting a roof.

In addition to extension ladders, you need work tools

Now that you know how to use an extension ladder you can worry about the rest of the tools you need to use. Fortunately BSR roofing Supply is the store that takes care of bringing you the best deals when it comes to roof repair.

We work all over the state of Georgia and offer only the best products from the most recognized brands in the market. Contact us through our website and you will have access to excellent products. Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions whenever you are going to use extension ladders.

Learn how to use extension ladders with BSR roofing Supply.

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