Roofing nails have evolved ? significantly over the course of history

Roofing nails have evolved ? significantly over the course of history


Although for many people the history of roofing nails is of little importance, this is not so. We are talking about one of the most indispensable materials in today’s roofing construction. It would be very difficult to create structures that will stand the test of time without the help of these materials.

Roofs are characterized by all kinds of materials that allow their construction. Among these, there is no doubt that nails and fasteners are basic elements due to the advantages they offer. Especially when it comes to providing hardness and resistance to the roof structure.

However, this is not the only reason why you would have to think about roofing nails. They stand out also because of the usefulness they offer in terms of preventing shingles from lifting. When storms begin to roll in, it is normal for high-speed winds to take shingles with them. However, with the proper use of nails, you can prevent this from happening.

Now, it is important to think about roofing nails, but it is also important to think about the evolution of roofing nails. That is to say, what have been the most outstanding models of these and what advantages do they offer us? Undoubtedly, just as roofing in general has evolved, so have fasteners. It is a good idea to understand how they have functioned over the years.

Today, you should know which have been the most relevant nailing models in the construction industry. In this way, it is possible that you will find the ideal solution for your roof, thinking about the characteristics of your house. Remember that each roof is different and so are the materials used. That is why you should always opt for a wide variety of materials.

How has the history of roofing nails progressed?

When we refer to the history of roofing nails, it is difficult to mention all the models that have appeared. That is, since the beginning of roofing construction, new materials have always been developed, with new features to implement. Among them, we will be reviewing which have been the most important for the evolution of construction.


If copper has become a popular material for roofing, it is because of the resistance it offers to corrosion. It is a material especially valued in the implementation of flashings on a roof, which is why they have become popular. In addition, they have also constituted an excellent fastener that does not succumb to the inclemencies of rust.


Perhaps among the oldest known materials for fasteners is aluminum. It is certainly not stronger than steel, but it remains one of the historical choices for roofing nails. However, it is advisable to use products that prevent corrosion.


Steel has been one of the newest materials used for roof fasteners. They are notable for the fact that they can easily adapt to whatever shingle material is used on your roof. No matter if it is clay or slate, stainless steel will always be the most reliable choice for fasteners.

A broad history for roofing nails.

There is no doubt that the history of roofing nails is vast when you consider that the material alone has a 5,000-year history. Throughout its history, the big problem was to extract these pieces from the metal. After all, so many years ago there were no machines to help with this work.

That was until the 17th century when machines began to be developed to facilitate the production of nails. These cut the metals into strips, which was extremely important for the nails to be obtained more easily. The development of this type of machines continued until the 18th century, when a production of 200,000 nails per day was reached. Undoubtedly a breakthrough that allowed to feed construction companies in an efficient way.

Of course, in the past, the main problem in the installation of roofs was the availability of materials. It was very difficult to have them at the right time and therefore, there were situations of paralysis. However, from the 18th century to the present day, the development of nails has evolved greatly. Now it is not at all difficult to access this material when you are installing a roof.

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