Four Issues Having a Solution Using Synthetic Turf

Four Issues Having a Solution Using Synthetic Turf

December 30, 2022


It is really exciting to play on the natural putting green in Atlanta. It looks beautiful, the smell is nice and the entire experience relaxing. However, there are some associated issues that develop with time. It is good to know that many of the issues are not a big headache to fix if you use synthetic turf. We at BRS Roofing Supply are making possible to have such turf at an affordable price as we are offering synthetic turf for sale in Atlanta.

We discuss here four such issues which affect natural grass but have no effect on artificial grass.

Ball marks
Irrespective of how professional you are in playing golf, it is certain that you will be leaving ball marks after you have taken a shot. This is one of the fundamental reasons people are not sure to have putting green in their backyards. Though it is possible to enjoy playing golf, you have to repair the ball marks after each session.

However, if you notice ball marks do not happen on artificial grass as it does not depend on the soil as natural grass does. So, even if you hit the ball many times there will not be any ball marks on the artificial turf. So, if you decide to avoid this hassle of ball marks, it is wise to take advantage of the artificial turf for sale in Atlanta that we are offering at present and have artificial turf laid in your backyard.

Synthetic Turf for Sale in Atlanta

If you hit the golf ball too hard, holes develop and that is what we call divots. It also happens when a mower cuts off too much grass. The surface becomes uneven and it drags down the playability. However, if you use artificial grass none of these issues will arise as divots do not form on such grass.

Uneven surface
If you have ever mowed the backyard putting green you will understand that it is not a walk in the park. The cut needs to be even and it is required mowing all around the trees and bushes. However, using artificial turf, there will be no necessity to mow the grass to keep it short and neat. As it does not grow, it will maintain the ideal pile height.

If there are turf diseases, putting green will look unhealthy and it will not be possible to play. The issue can happen due to poor drainage, excessive water, or nitrogen present in the soil. If there is Brown Patch, it will not affect playability but diseases like Dollar Spot can cause severe damage. This issue can also have a solution using synthetic turf that we make possible to have.

So, call us to have artificial turf and avoid these four issues without any hassle. At present, you can have the best quality artificial turf at a discounted price from us. We have not compromised on quality to make our product affordable. Moreover, there are no hidden charges to astonish you at the end. Having laid the artificial turf, you can enjoy playing golf without any hassle.