Certainteed vs GAF vs TAMKO, do you know which one is better?

Certainteed vs GAF vs TAMKO, do you know which one is better?


Does it seem strange to see a Certainteed vs TAMKO vs GAF competition? We are talking about three companies that have marked a before and after in the history of construction in the United States. Today, it is difficult to think about building a house without having to make a decision between these three. That’s why they are constantly compared.

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In the case of Certainteed and GAF, we are referring to two companies that have been around for more than 100 years since their respective foundations. That’s why they have accompanied entire generations of people who have settled both in Georgia and other states. That makes them trademarks and traditions for families who have lived for many years in the United States.

On the other hand, TAMKO has been one of the great revelations of the last century. Although it is not yet a century-old company, it has been performing all kinds of vital tasks in construction for more than 75 years. Especially in the production of materials that have gradually won the affection of owners and especially contractors. Especially for their versatility.

Undoubtedly, these are three companies that should be taken into consideration when building a roof. After all, all three have been responsible for developing good product catalogs with the variety that will allow you to choose which will be the method of construction. However, we must first evaluate what each of them has to offer.

Choose Certainteed, GAF or TAMKO? Hore to find out

It is very difficult to make a decision in the Certainteed vs GAF vs TAMKO comparison. This is especially due to the fact that nowadays we always want to get the best results for our roof. Hence, many times homeowners are a bit hesitant in the face of such excellent options that can provide significant benefits to their properties.

However, that is why a little analysis of each company is a good option if you are thinking about installing a roof. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to learn a little about the products each one offers.


You’ve probably seen this brand on a house under construction, and it’s a crowd favorite. Landmark shingles are the company’s most popular product, and they have excellent algae resistance. Of course, ridge vents are also an excellent ally if you want to improve the thermal sensation inside your property.

On the other hand, Patriot shingles are another product of which this company is proud. They are heavy structure roofs that also withstand both fire and high-speed winds. Thanks to this, they are a very good choice if you want to reduce repair costs due to weather and accidents inside your property.


This company has developed a line of products that really seeks to cover all the needs of homeowners. At the end of the day, we start with the fact that they have created the so-called lifetime shingles, from the Timberline line. These are characterized by being highly durable without losing that beautiful classic neighborhood home style.

However, for you to actually build a lifetime roof you will need the components developed by GAF. For example, ventilation and underlayments will allow you to add an extra layer of security that will make your roof more durable.


Last but not least is TAMKO. Among the products developed by this company, asphalt shingles are the most outstanding. Of course, today this is not enough, but the Heritage line of shingles has several construction possibilities. They stand out for their resemblance to the classic wooden roofs of long ago.

In addition, the cement screeds and underlayment developed by TAMKO are also of very good quality. One of the most demanded elements by the customers of this company are the starter tiles, which allow to secure all the rows. Something that is absolutely necessary, especially in places where winds are very strong.

Where to find Certainteed, TAMKO and GAF?

It is obvious that to talk about Certainteed vs GAF vs TAMKO is to mention three companies that are perfectly valid for your interests with your roof. Therefore, it is important to know exactly which is the best option to acquire these products. We are especially referring to the fact of having a supplier that has products from all companies.

Choosing a material for your home is a task that requires professional help. After all, one mistake translates into major losses that require a much larger investment to repair. You can’t risk this happening, you must work with the best.

And certainly in Georgia you will find many stores that will give you access to quality products. However, is there one that has a catalog full of products so good that they compete with each other? That is precisely what we want to offer you today. The opportunity to access a huge variety of materials.

Shop Certainteed, GAF and TAMKO at BRS Roofing Supply

To get the best GAF, TAMKO and Certainteed products, you should definitely go to BRS Roofing Supply. A company that has gone through more than 15 years of trajectory, full of challenges and opportunities. It is currently one of the best valued options in the market when it comes to acquiring materials that allow you to improve the resistance of your roof at all times.

How to buy the products of the mentioned brands? Enter our website to discover everything we have for you. Shingles, mezzanines, ventilation systems, cement, the opportunity to create a unique roof design. Add value to your property with the tailoring that can be done using the right materials, something you can only achieve at BRS Roofing Supply.

We are waiting for your requests. Would you like to get a quote? The time is now. Contact us and find out which is the best company to buy the materials you will use to give more security to your family and your personal finances.

At BRS Roofing Supply you will find GAF, Certainteed and TAMKO!

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