Roofing Shingles

The right roofing can boost the curb appeal of any style of home, from rustic to urban, colonial to contemporary. You’ll find the perfect asphalt roofing shingles for yours in one of IKO’s three collections: Architectural, Premium Designer or Traditional. For beautiful protection that’s engineered to last, IKO sets the standard. You can set the style.


IKO’s Premium Designer roofing shingles offer you the ultimate in weather protection and mimic the sought-after, designer look of natural slate tiles or cedar shakes without their associated maintenance worries and expense.


Available in popular colors and in unique color blends, these roofing shingles have a large exposure, high-definition profile and dimensional thickness that make them a popular choice among homeowners and deliver the best overall value for contractors.


Cambridge laminated architectural roofing shingles are IKO’s most popular among homeowners and roofing contractors. Available in a wide array of stunning, patented color blends, their high profile and dimensional thickness will enhance the roofscape of any style of home.


Your choice of roofing shingles can make your home stand out or blend into its natural surroundings. Very affordably. The beauty of these roofing shingles lies in the simplicity of their design; their ability to protect your home, and in the quality of their engineering.

Accessory Products

Shingles alone are sometimes not enough to protect your home. So IKO developed a multi-layered roofing system to better protect your home. Industry-leading roofing materials such as eave protectors, synthetic underlayments, roof starters, and ridge cap shingles make your roof last longer, so you and your valuables feel safer inside. IKO’s vertical integration offers a higher level of quality assurance by controlling the creation of nearly all roof accessories.


Low-slope roofs present special challenges in terms of preventing unique types of damage. IKO Roof-Fast Low-slope Roofing Components are engineered and manufactured to meet those particular challenges.


No well-designed roof is complete with a reliable layer of roofing felt (often called underlayment or tar paper) to add extra protection against the elements.


IKO Ener-Air and IKO Enerfoil are non-structural sheathing rigid polyisocyanurate insulation boards, engineered to provide improved thermal resistance. Both are HCFC-free.


Almost every steep sloped roof will have a ridge at the top of the roof where different sides of the roof meet. Many roof designs also have sloped ridges (hips) where roof planes meet an angle.


To ensure your roof system is installed in compliance with one of the requirements for the high wind resistance limited warranty protection, start your roof installation with one of IKO’s premium roof starters.


One of the key components of a properly installed asphalt shingle roofing system is a secondary protective layer of underlayment. IKO Synthetic Underlayments are perfectly suited for use with all IKO shingle products.


Water is a home’s greatest enemy. Roofing shingles are the first line of defence but IKO’s Ice & Water Protectors provide crucial, added protection.


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