Asphalt-Saturated Felt Underlayment


Gorilla Guard® 30 and Gorilla Guard® SPEC 30 are designed to outperform traditional felt roof underlayment by combining specially developed additives with glass fibers. The advanced substrates in the Gorilla Guard® line allow the underlayment to lay flatter, resist wrinkling and reduce slippage. It’s tougher and more resilient, yet easy to handle for a smooth application.

The superior quality, time and labor saved by using Atlas engineered underlayment encourages more contractors to offer it to customers as a standard product rather than as an upgrade to traditional felt.

Gorilla Guard® 30 Engineered Felt

• 4-square roll results in less handling time
• 36% lighter than traditional organic #30 felt
• 28% stronger substrate reduces need for re-work before applying shingles

Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 Engineered Felt

• 2-square coverage roll
• 142% stronger in pull-through test
• 207% high tear strength

Organic Felt Underlayment

#15 and #30 Asphalt Saturated

• Heavy Organic Mat

• High Asphalt Saturation

• Heavier Roll Weight

• Tightly Wound Rolls – Less Telescoping

• Consistent Roll Lengths

• Excellent Standard Packaging

• Highly Visible Alignment Lines

• High Tear Strength

• Easier Roll-Out – Less Sticking

• Flatter Installation Lay-Down With Less Curling

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