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Landmark is CertainTeed’s tried-and-true architectural laminate roofing shingle. Designed to replicate the appearance of cedar shake roofing, Landmark is available in an impressive array of colors that compliment any trim, stucco or siding.

Technical Information

CertainTeed Roofing CT™ 20

A tough, one-piece shingle – ideal for situations where the highest quality roofing products are called for at an economical price Installation is fast and easy to minimize roofing disruption and time. Built on a tough fiber glass base, this shingle performs for years and years.

CertainTeed Roofing XT™ 25

When it comes to weathering the elements, XT 25 is quite simply at the top of its class. Built on a tough fiberglass base, each shingle provides exceptional resistance to blow-off and tearing and has a 10-year StreakFighter® warranty


Designed with external baffles which maximize airflow across the underside of roof sheathing, the CertainTeed® Ridge Vent works year-round to efficiently and effectively ventilate an attic space.

Less than an inch in height, and molded from high-impact copolymer, it’s slim profile blends for visual appeal while permitting shingle capping over the ridge for a uniform, finished roof aesthetic.


CertainTeed SwiftStart® metric starter shingle is designed specifically for use with CertainTeed Landmark Series shingles. Rather than cutting expensive field shingles to use as starters, you can save time and money by starting with SwiftStart.

  • Reduced installation time, so jobs are finished faster
  • Required for use to obtain enhanced warranties
  • Code-compliant, meets min. 2″ headlap requirement for metric shingles–many competing products do not
  • Each 18-piece bundle covers 116 linear ft.
  • Works with all metric shingles that are similar to Landmark
  • CertaSeal™ modified-asphalt sealant holds strong against wind uplift and shingle blow-off

Mountain Ridge®

Mountain Ridge® high-profile hip and ridge accessory is the perfect finishing touch for your roof with blended color and high-profile design. The difference is noticeable…by blending in.

Blended color creates a unified look with the field shingles, instead of a “striped” look.



CedarCrest® features blended, consistent colors and an upgraded medium profile, with two full layers of premium materials and an overlay for a striking dimensional appearance that coordinates seamlessly with Landmark® Series, Presidential® Series, Highland Slate® and Belmont® shingles.  Also available in an impact resistant version to match Presidential® Shake IR and Belmont® IR shingles.



Shadow Ridge ClimateFlex shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of a roof shingled with NorthGate ClimateFlex shingles in order to provide a complete, finished look. They carry the same warranty as the shingles they are applied over, and are available in matching colors. 



For a stylish finishing touch to hips and ridges, use Shangle Ridge® hip and ridge accessory–designed specifically for use with and is available in colors to match your Grand Manor®, Carriage House®, Belmont® and Highland Slate® shingles.



Shadow Ridge® Hip and Ridge Accessory Shingles are designed specifically for use with Landmark® TL and Landmark® Series shingles and are used to finish the hips and ridges of your roof. Shadow Ridge meets the hip and ridge accessory requirements for the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System® which is comprised of underlayments, shingles, accessory products and ventilation all working together.



CertainTeed’s DiamondDeck® High Performance Synthetic Underlayment is manufactured to provide best-in-class performance in terms of both weather protection and contractor safety.

DiamondDeck is a synthetic, scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlayment that can be used beneath shingle, shake, metal or slate roofing. It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment.



RoofRunner™ is a lightweight, synthetic polymer-based underlayment that outperforms felt and outclasses other synthetics.  Designed for use on roof decks as a water-resistant layer beneath asphalt roofing shingles, this scrim-reinforced underlayment includes a special top surface treatment that provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.  It’s large roll size – 4 feet wide x 250 feet long – helps speed application.

Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles

Since your roof can represent up to 40% of your home’s curb appeal, you can improve its resale value with Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles from GAF. They’ll give you the upscale, architectural look you want at a price you can afford.

Timberline HD® Shingles

Help improve your home’s resale value with Timberline HD® Shingles from GAF. Timberline® High Definition® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology are the #1-selling shingles in North America. Timberline HD® Shingles will not only protect your most valuable asset but also beautify your home for years to come.

Timberline® American Harvest® Shingles

Timberline® American Harvest® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology are architecturally stylish, yet practically priced, resulting in a high-performance shingle that provides excellent protection for your home.

Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles

For just pennies-a-day more than standard architectural shingles, you can enjoy Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles, the thickest, most ultra-dimensional Timberline High Definition® Shingle. Featuring GAF’s proprietary color blends, Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles offer a wood-shake look with an incredible thickness that you’ll notice and appreciate.

Marquis WeatherMax® Roofing Shingles

Marquis WeatherMax® roofing shingles are designed for homeowners who demand superior performance, classic detailing, and a traditional appeal in a basic 3-tab shingle

Royal Sovereign® Roofing Shingles

Royal Sovereign® roofing shingles combine a simple, timeless beauty with GAF’s Advanced Protection™ technology — making it our most popular 3-tab shingle.


LIBERTY™ SBS Self-Adhering Roofing System

A Self-Adhering Roofing System will provide long-lasting protection for the low-slope areas of your property without the danger or hassles associated with the installation of other conventional roofing products.
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Master Flow® Attic Ventilation & Accessory Products

Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continual flow of outside air through the attic, protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower temperatures in the living space.

Shingle Match™ Roof Accessory Paint

Enhances the beauty of your roof by hiding unsightly roof penetrations such as stacks, vent pipes, exhaust vents, and flashings. Maximum performance for less call-backs!

Synthetic Felt Buster GAF

FeltBuster 1000 sq. Ft.
Synthetic Roofing Roll

Starter - Pro Start

Pro-Start 120 linear feet.
Starter strip shingles for eaves and rake roofs.

Seal & Ridge

Cost-effective 12″ (305 mm) width ridge cap shingles that help protect hips and ridges against blow-off.

Ridge Vent

Premium ridge vent with 3″ (76 mm) ring shank nails allows heat/moisture to escape the attic. Available in 11.5″ (292 mm) & 9″ (229 mm) widths.


Our high-quality roofing shingles provide superior weather protection and boost the curb appeal of homes throughout the United States and Canada as well as many export markets. IKO Cambridge architectural shingles can enhance any home’s style, from traditional to modern, rustic to urban. Their dimensional profile and deep shadow bands evoke the upscale appearance of natural wood shakes, creating a high-end designer look at an affordable cost.

MarathonTM Plus AR

IKO Marathon Plus AR is a time-tested, traditional 3-tab roofing shingle. Its weather-resistant design is based on a solid construction of durable fiberglass mat to help shield homes against the forces of nature. The classic design of IKO Marathon Plus AR will flatter any style of home. The algae-resistant granules embedded into these shingles will help control the black streaks caused by blue-green algae and keep them looking great for years to come.

Top off your home with versatile style, vivid color and unique flair. Asphalt shingles add striking beauty and color to complement your home. Designed with a wider look that creates rugged yet refined wood-shake beauty


Vivid color. Dramatic style. Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles add striking beauty and color to complement your home.


Attractive choices. Beautiful results. Elite Glass-Seal shingles top off homes with versatile style, vivid color and unique flair.

Pinnacle® Pristine

Pristine Appearance. Protected Appeal. Pinnacle® Pristine architectural shingles provide stunning color that lasts

StormMaster® Slate

Designer Looks. Designed to Protect. StormMaster® Slate shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector combine the sleek look of a slate shingle with the strength and versatility for enduring elegance.

StormMaster® Shake

Beauty Backed by Protection. StormMaster® Shake shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector offer durability and architectural style for a timeless look



Stylish Design. Affordable Protection. ProLam™ shingles deliver the designer look of an architectural shingle at a value price.

Tough-Glass® Fiberglass Shingles

Value, Performance and Lasting durability. ToughGlass® 3-tab shingles deliver traditional elegance and durability on a budget.


Classic style meets Affordability. GlassMaster® 3-tab shingles bring proven performance and appealing classic looks.


Duration® Series Shingles are unrivaled by any other architectural shingles because they feature our patented SureNail® Technology – a technological breakthrough in shingle design.

Beyond the practical performance benefits, Duration® Series Shingles are beautiful. With a wide selection of roof shingle colors available, you can find exactly what you are looking for to compliment your homes’ exterior and enhance curb appeal.

Duration® Series Shingles work hard to protect your home – and look good doing it.


Supreme® three-tab shingles are a basic, smart choice when you want to balance weather resistance and value. A wide range of colors are available


Asphalt shingles are one of the most common materials used for both residential and commercial buildings. They provide not only an aesthetic appeal, but they also add durability to your building’s roof with their reinforcement by wood fibers, fiberglass or even organic material like plantation-sourced eucalyptus leaves! For those who are looking for a more high-end look, commercial building owners may want to consider laminated shingles. These types of roof coverings have been known as being able cater better with their needs and desires because they come in many colors and textures that can make them appear like something much more expensive than they actually cost!
One thing we recommend when it comes time deciding on what kind or material should go up top at your business is checking out some options outside the box: think about opting into laminates instead – these offer increased durability while also providing differing levels (or combinations)of performance depending upon your preferences; such as reflective qualities versus color vibrancy…
The most common metal roofing products used in commercial systems are steel, standing seam and copper. Some people also use tiles made of aluminum or other alloys such as zinc-copper for durability reasons but they’re not quite as popular because these materials can decay over time due to strong acid rain which will stains whatever material beneath it so there’s an additional cost associated with maintenance too since you’ll have to replace both sections if one decays more than another.
Another choice for metal roofs in commercial properties is Copper. This material can be more expensive than other options, but if installed correctly it’s still capable to last up 100 years or longer!
If you’re looking for the best commercial roofing material, cedar is your go-to. This product can cost up to 50% more than other applications but it offers incredible benefits like durability and protection against leaks in wet conditions! There’s also slate shingle roofs which will do well with protecting buildings from harsh weather; however they are often heavier so extra support might need installing at construction sites or else instability could become an issue down the line.



TPO is a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane, which has gained widespread use considerable in commercial roofing systems. It is used for waterproofing and covering particularly roofs flat, it is sought after for its natural reflective ability to deflect ultraviolet (UV) waves.
Metal Roofing material


60 mil 5 x 100
60 mil 10 x 100
60 mil 12 x 100

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Termination Bar 10

Metal Roofing Cover Tape

Cover Tape 6"X100

Bonding Adhsive-5 GAL

Bonding Adhsive-5 GAL

Roofing Pipe Boots

Vent Boots 1"-6 White

Roofing Materials in Atlanta GA

Detail Membrane Flexible 24"X50'

Roofing Materials in Atlanta GA


60 mil 10 x 100

  • Our JM TPO roofing systems give you the option of a reliable, cost-effective roofing solution.
  • We reinforce our membranes with a polyester fabric and manufacture them using an ultraviolet-resistant thermoplastic polyolefin formulation